After Not Receiving Their Bonus And Pay, Civil Servants Threaten To Go On Strike…

Zimbabwe civil servants go on strikeImage Credit:

Civil servants have stated that being paid on January 5 could see their unable to report for duty, in that the money they are receiving will only last them until the last day of the month. Pay dates were recently moved, as Government were battling to secure funds to meet wages and a decision to push the pay dates was made and announced on Christmas day.

Though Government is faced with difficulties, the Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZiNA) felt that consultations should have been made with them “on how best to handle the issue of salary payments to avoid demoralising the employees and actions that might come out of their frustrations.”

The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) also chipped in and said it would soon be communicating formally with concerned Government departments of their position to down tools come January 1.

Professor Jonathan Moyo added his two bond coins to the issue, by stating that it was unacceptable that December salaries were not paid before Christmas, some viewing this more as factional wars than a genuine cry for civil servants:

Teacher are also said to be disgruntled with their union stating that “they shall not be held responsible for the actions of the educators in January 2016 due to the following reasons; uncertainty about the December 2015 bonus pay dates”.

Most civil servants rely on teacher and nurses to down tools, as they are viewed are critical to the functioning of the Government, and when they strike the Government listens. The Government has seen it fit to always pay soldiers and police on time to avoid any unrest from the security forces who may be called on at anytime to defend the state.

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