After Giving Enough Warnings, Zimra Finally Acts On State Procurement Board

After going through the year requesting the State Procurement Board’s (SPB) to settle its Pay As You Earn (PAYE) arrears for its former chairperson Mr Charles Kuwaza, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has once again garnished the SPB’s bank accounts.

The SPB was paying Kuwaza over $17,500 per month, in allowances, and because his post is an appointment by the President’s Office, no mention is made anywhere as to how much his salary was. Accordingly, from the period of dollarisation, 2009 to this year, the SPB did not remit any PAYE for its Chairman, Kuwaza claiming his appointment was through the President and hence he was exempt from being taxed.

No amount is mentioned in the report as to how much was taken from the state entity’s account, but the bill initially stood at $1,019,251.90 and ZIMRA managed to deduct $230,000 earlier in this year. Whether the Board will be able to recover the money is in doubt, as Kuwaza, who was fired recently, may not have enough in terminal benefits.

Just in September this year the SPB lost $447,000 in a labour dispute, when Kuwaza was alleged to have unlawfully dismissed their financial director. A multitude of allegations were also levelled against him during his tenure and one wonders how he managed to stay in office for almost 15 years.

Main Image Credit: Zimra Facebook Page

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