9 Times This Zanu PF MP Took Stabs At Jonathan Moyo On Twitter…


The activity on Twitter has been off the chain. Not only did Econet go and make it free for all its subscribers, but prominent figures, in the form of the ruling party, Zanu PF, have been openly taking shots at each other.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena, who was recently in the dock for having been accused of insulting First Lady, Grace Mugabe, and was later cleared of these allegations, has been taking the game to Professor Jonathan Moyo, directly mentioning and tweeting at him.

Here are 9 times Wadyajena took stabs at Prof. Moyo. You can judge for yourself whether there’s any ‘justice’ (pun intended) in his tweets:

In early January 2016, VP Mnangagwa is said to have travelled to Dubai to meet with President Mugabe and it is reference to this that Wadyajena stated that Moyo is fantasising while others are ‘building the country’.

A live bullet was found in the room of Sport and Recreation minister Makhosini Hlongwane’s hotel room and after a few days police then dropped the case after failing to find evidence in his hotel of intrusion in his room.

Prof Moyo lost his daughter in October 2015 and in honour of her he decided to take up law in November 2015. This is a stab at the Prof’s infancy in the degree program.

In response to a tweet from former Zanu PF legislator Fortune Chasi who was kicked out for being accused of being part of Joice Mujuru’s cabal, Wadyajena mocked Prof. Moyo saying he’d feel offended the Chasi was not supporting him.

Prof. Moyo tweeted about an event in Bulawayo where he was snubbed, Wadyajena mocked him about his not being invited.

The state newspaper, The Herald carried a story that called on Zanu PF legislators to ‘toe the line or face the boot‘ and Wadyajena sneakingly warned Prof. Moyo to ‘repent’ or face the same consequences as former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

A comical picture in the private paper, Newsday, show Prof. Moyo boxing training and punching a punching bag that has a picture of what looks like the President. Wadyajena jokes about the image and asks that lawyer and academic, Alex Magaisa, intervenes.

Wadyajena and Prof. Moyo meet in an undisclosed place and pose for a picture together. Wadyajena then makes reference to the Professor as being the son of Ndabaningi Sithole, who was accused of being a liberation war ‘sellout’; a reference which War Veteran leader Christopher Mustvangwa has made shortly before.

Self explanatory, Wadyajena makes a direct stab at Prof. Moyo labelling him a ‘shameless Factional Prostitute’.

Professor Moyo has been rather reluctant to get into a direct engagement with Wadyajena on Twitter, but the last tweet he could not take it lying down and sent a rebuttal:

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