9 singers that all take after the same person…


You read that right.

These singers all take after “their father”, keeping true to the old adage “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

So what do you do when your father has an illustrious career in music? After years of success, glitter, glamour and gold? Well certainly, you latch on to that success and run with it.

Zimbabwean listeners, followers or fans (call them what you may) are a harsh lot. If you fail to deliver as your predecessors then they will send you to the gallows.

Let Pindula know what you think about this list and who you’d have added…

1. Buffalo Souljah

Buffalo SoulJah, Zimbabwe dancehall singer

Buffalo Souljah is son to Unity Ndlovu who was a great Zimbabwean saxophonist who played alongside Thomas Mapfumo in the 70’s and early 80’s. He states that he has drawn a lot of inspiration from his father, and began concentrating on his music after his passing in 1992. The Mufakose raised-South African based dancehall chanter has put himself on the regional and international musical map through winning the Channel O Awards a record six times. He has also been nominated a record 12 times and this testifies his impact on the international dancehall music arena. He recently performed at HIFA 2015, the annual musical festival. Full profile here.
Image via: newsday.co.zw

2. Guspy Warrior


Guspy Warrior, (real name Emmanuel Manyeruke) is son to Mechanic Manyeruke, one of the pioneers of contemporary gospel music in Zimbabwe. Unlike his father, Guspy chose to pursue the reggae genre which has seen him winning various awards locally. He has also performed internationally touring countries such as the United Kingdom. His songs such as “Seunononga” have attracted controversy especially considering his father’s position as a reputable cleric and gospel musician. Full profile here.
Image via: Guspy Warrior Facebook profile

3. Gary Tight


Gary is son to Willom Tight and has followed his father’s footsteps by being a musician although he decided to take up the Afro-jazz genre. The young and talented singer is said to have started singing when young, his father playing a big role in mentoring him. Gary also plays the mbira instrument and has performed at various shows alongside well established artistes such as Oliver Mtukudzi, Sulumani Chimbetu and Chiwoniso MaraireFull profile here.
Image via: Gary Tight Facebook profile

4. Douglas Chimbetu


Douglas Chimbetu is the son of musician, Allan Chimbetu and a rising Dendera star. He rose to national stardom in 2012 after releasing his debut album ‘Tsimba’. He formally performed alongside his brother Tryson and their revival of the Dendera music which is generally regarded as Simon Chopper Chimbetu’s legacy.  Full profile here.
Image via: Douglas Chimbetu Facebook profile

5. Tendai Dembo


He rode on his late father’s (Leonard Dembo) fame and has also followed the legend’s foot steps by venturing into music. He is the front man and lead singer of the the resuscitated Barura Express musical group. He has released one album titled “Kutsika Matsimba” with the help of his brother Morgan Full profile here.
Image via: Tendai Dembo Facebook profile

6. Peter Moyo


Peter Moyo who is affectionately known as Young Igwe is the son of the legendary Sungura musician Tongai Moyo, who took over the reigns of Utakataka Express after the death of his father in 2011. Peter who only started singing after his father became ill, faced many challenges. Peter launched a pageant, Miss Utakataka with the hope of promoting his father’s legacy but would prove to be more successful behind the mic.  Full profile here.
Image via: Peter Moyo Facebook profile

7. Sulumani Chimbetu


Sulu is son to the late Dendera founder Simon Chopper Chimbetu. He is arguably one of the most successful contemporary musicians with a number of awards and corporate endorsements to his credit. Sulumani has revived the Dendera music through the Orchestra Dendera Kings Band and has partnered other award winning artists such Jah Prayzah and Oliver Mtukudzi Full profile here.
Image via: Sulumani Chimbetu Facebook page

8. Ammara Brown


She is the daughter of iconic Zimbabwean singer Andy Brown. Her music has a special bias towards Afro-pop/RnB and she is also a an actress, instrumentalist and brand ambassador. She has worked with artists such as Jah Prayzah and she has proved to be a force to reckon in the local music circles.  Full profile here.
Image via: Ammara Brown Facebook page

9. Selmor Mtukudzi


Selmor is daughter to Oliver Mtukudzi of Tuku Music. She is married to a fellow musician Tendai Manatsa and the tow enjoy a musical combination. She has a number of albums which feature her husband Tendai. She has also done some remixes of her father’s songs.  Full profile here.
Image via: Selmor Mtukudzi Facebook page

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