9 photos that show the world reacting to Cecil the Lion…

Recently, what was many tourists reasons for coming to Zimbabwe, Cecil the Lion was slain all in search of a a “trophy”. An outcry has ensured, not only online, but also over the world for the blatant killing of the feline. Though many Zimbabwean did not know him (yes, apparently we don’t travel our own country that much) here are 8 photos that show the reaction to Cecil the Lion’s killing:

1. Murderer/Scumbag

Protest-Walter-Palmer-Cecil Image Via: TwinCities.com

2. Crowd gathered at his offices

cecil-protest-lion Image Via: PeoplePets.com

3. Walter Palmer Kills for fun

Walter-Palmer-Cecil-Lion_3 Image Via: DailyMail.co.uk

4. Rot in Hell

Walter-Palmer-Cecil-Lion_2 Image Via: BBC.com

5. #JusticeForCecil

Walter-Palmer-Cecil-Lion_1 Image Via: DailyMail.co.uk

6. Justice for Zimbabwe

Walter-Palmer-Cecil-Lion Image Via: WSJ.com

7. Mocking Palmer’s hunting

Cecil-protest Image Via: RooshvForum

8. Posters at his office

Cecil-Lion-protest Image Via: ABCNews

9. Kids also in grief


Image Via: TodayOnline

To find out more about who exactly this animal, be sure to check out the profile of Cecil The Lion.

Main Image Credit: Quartz

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