8 facts about Maxwell Chikumbutso, Zimbabwe’s latest “inventor”…

We recently received news that Maxwell Chikumbutso created some ground breaking technologies in the energy field and could solve a perennial problem that ZESA (the local power utility) are failing to get their head around.

Here are facts that we’ve managed to pull together of the mavrick innovator:

 1. Birth

Maxwell Chikumbutso
Maxwell Sangulani  Chikumbutso was born in 1980 and grew up in the high density suburb of

2. Father

His father was an electrician and would walk out on the family when Maxwell was still young.

3. Education

He completed his primary education at Kuwadzana 5 Primary School and secondary education up to Form 2 at Dzivaresekwa 2 High School. His education up to this stage was sponsored through Social Welfare until he dropped out. He dropped out of school after From 2.

4. Religion

Emmanuel Makandiwa

He is an avid member of Emmanuel Makandiwa‘s United Family International Church (UFIC) Ministries.
Image Via: Emmanuel Makandiwa Facebook Page

5. Haulage Truck Driver

He once worked as a haulage truck driver and would use money gained from their to finance his passion projects.

6. Digital Navigation Facilitator

In 2001, he developed the “Digital Navigation Facilitator” which was used to facilitate landing of aircrafts. The Air Zimbabwe Technical Training Centre aircraft engineers commended it, as it became the first addition Zimbabwean aircraft technology since 1980.

He took the invention to Air Force of Zimbabwe were the squadron leader and technical team assessed the technology and confirmed that it worked. However, due to lack of financial support the project fell away.

7. Brodacom

Together with Zach Wazara, former Econet CEO and founder of Brodacom they formed a partnership and he became influential in the building of telecoms company Brodacom. At Brodacom, he invented what he says is the first WiFi Meshing technology in Zimbabwe with self-organising base stations among other projects.

8. Lesotho Government Offer

In 2009, Maxwell produced the first prototype of the “Greener generator” which generated 1,200 Watts at the time. He was invited by the Government of Lesotho to do a presentation of his project. He was offered a $1,2 million dollar deal but turned it down after he meeting with Zach Wazara.


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