7 Must Visit Places In Zimbabwe You’d Never Think Of…

(Compiled with the kind assistance of Zimbabwe Tourism Authority)

Zimbabwe is full of beauty and awe. Many people travel through great lengths to come and have a look at what we have to offer. Some of us also make trips to experience our wonderful land.

Sadly, when we think of where to go a lot of times it is places like Victoria Falls, Great Zimbabwe, Kariba and Chimanimani that come to mind. However, we think there are other places of significance too.

1. Mutarazi Falls

Mutarazi Waterfall, Mtarazi falls, Eastern highlands, Zimbabwe tourist attractions

Image Via: namibia-tours-safaris.com

Mutarazi Falls is rated as the second highest in Africa and the 17th in the world, eclipsing Victoria Falls. Located in the Eastern Highlands, you will be forgiven for almost every word coming out of your mouth being “wow” as you listen to the waters meandering past the rocks and smell the fresh odour of nature. View its FULL profile here.

2. Khami Ruins

Khami ruins, Zimbabwe tourist attractions

Image Via: explorewonders.com

Just west of Bulawayo lies Khami Ruins, an extensive complex of stonewalled sites. It is one of Zimbabwe’s World Heritage Sites and was the capital of the Butua State, its leaders reigning at Khami from about AD 1450 until its fiery destruction around AD 1644. A small site museum provides useful background information to the site itself. For the FULL profile, go here.

3. Mana Pools

Mana pools, Mana pools national park, Zambezi river, Zimbabwe tourist attractions

Image Via: victoriafalls.net

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mana Pools is located on the banks of the Zambezi River in the Mashonaland West Province. There is abundant wildlife to be viewed as various wild animals traverse the environment and their movement patterns are usually influenced by rain seasons and patterns. Go HERE for the full profile.

4. Lake Muterikwi

Lake Mutirikwi, Masvingo, Zimbabwe tourist attractions

Image Via: masvingomirror.com

Originally constructed to provide the Masvingo region with enough water for irrigation and other agricultural activities all year round, Lake Mutirikwi has fishing as the major recreational activity. Visitors can also enjoy activities in the Mutirikwi Recreational Park which is located in the same vicinity with the lake. Go HERE for the full profile.

5. Antelope Park

Antelope park, lions, lion cubs, Zimbabwe tourist attractions

Image Via: hiltontransfers.com

With an opportunity to go for a walk with the lions, feed them, tour their breeding programme or even an elephant ride, Antelope Park is a must visit for anyone who sets foot on Zimbabwean soil. Situated just out of Gweru, the facility also has a sleep-in option. View its FULL profile here.

6. Domboshava Rocks

Domboshava rocks, balancing rocks, Zimbabwe tourist attractions

Image Via: Africa Far And Wide

Just 35kms out of Harare, the Domboshava Rocks are popular for their color (grey) from which they derive their name in the local shona vernacular. The rocks are a towering site which make for very good sightseeing. FULL profile can be found here.

7. Mazowe Dam

Mazowe dam, mazowe river, Zimbabwe tourist attractions

Image Via: geoview.info

Situated in the Mashonaland Central town of Mazowe, Mazowe Dam offers visitors a number of recreational activities including fishing, boat rides and sight-seeing. This would prove to be a well worth it visit for the whole family. For the FULL profile, go here.

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