7 Facts About Robert Mugabe You Never Knew…

The Head of State and Government and Commander-In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President R. G. Mugabe has lived an illustrious life of 91 years and has contributed immensely to the nation of Zimbabwe.

Here are facts about His Excellency that EVERYONE should know (and sadly that not many of us do):

1. Robert Mugabe was once ‘Sir Robert Mugabe’

President Mugabe was accorded one of the highest honours an individual in the United Kingdom can achieve in 1994 by Queen Elizabeth II of England. He would later be stripped of this title in 2008 when the British government did not take too lightly towards the 2008 election campaign.

2. Robert Mugabe should actually be ‘Professor Robert Mugabe’

On 26 July 2005, Mugabe was conferred with an Honorary Professorship from the Chinese Foreign Affairs University which is run by the External Affairs Department and still holds the title to this day.

3. Robert Mugabe once won the lottery

In 2000, Robert Mugabe won the top prize in a lottery organised by a partly state-owned bank. Mugabe hit the 100,000 Zimbabwe dollars (about USD$2,600) jackpot in a promotional draw organised by the Zimbabwe Banking Corporation (Zimbank).

4. Robert Mugabe was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

Mugabe was actually nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize when he took power in 1981, but a series of deaths in Zimbabwe at the time took him off the list.

5. Robert Mugabe obtained 2 law degrees while in prison

Robert Mugabe earned two Law degrees whilst in prison between 1964 and 1975 with the University of London. He was prisoned at Gonakudzingwa restriction camp before he was later transferred to Salisbury prison in present day Harare.

6. Robert Mugabe became leader of ZANU while in prison

He was elected president of the Zimbabwe African National Union in 1975 whilst he was still in prison.

7. Robert Mugabe is an author

Robert Mugabe has written a number of books which include:

  1. 1. The Third Chimurenga: Inside the Third Chimurenga (2001).
  2. War, peace, and development in contemporary Africa (1987)
  3. The role of the university in the process of social transformation (1983)
  4. Our war of liberation (1983)

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