7 Facts About Andy Brown and Chiwoniso Maraire’s Daughter You Need To Know

News would recently break out that one of Andy Brown’s children had passed on. Even more shocking was that it was one of his children with songstress Chiwoniso Maraire. Here’s a look at who she was:

1. Birth

Andy Brown, Chiwoniso Maraire, Chiedza Brown
She was born Chiedza Zvondiwe Brown on 13 December 1999, to Andy Brown and Chiwoniso Maraire

2. Siblings

Ammara Brown, Chiedza Brown

Parents had another daughter, Chengeto, who was their first born, while Andy Brown had eight other children, Ammara Brown being one of them.

3. Premature Baby

Chiedza Brown was born a pre-mature baby. This would see her getting special treatment from her father and subsequently the rest of the family.

4. Losing Both Parents

Chiedza Brown

Tragically she would lose both her parents before 13 years of age.

5. Moving To America

Chiedza Brown looking up
Went to live with her aunt, Tawona Gatson (nee Maraire) after her parents passing

6. Achievements

Chiedza Brown
She was an accomplished singer, painter, actress and had a love and gift for playing the mbira that she learned from her mother

7. Passing

Her life would tragically end on 12 September 2015, in a reported suicide.

To the Brown and Maraire family, we share your grief.

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All Images Credit To: Ammara and Chengeto Brown Facebook profiles

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