6 Things You Never Knew About Binga

Despite being one of Zimbabwe’s prime tourist resorts with a diverse range of attractions that include rich wildlife, the Zambezi River and well conserved traditional cultures, Binga is surprisingly not known much even by Zimbabweans. Here are 6 things about Binga that surprised us – we’re sure you never new these too!


1. Luxury House Boats, Cruises and Speedboats

OBJoyfulBinga is on the shores of the Zambezi river and this means lots of water. There’s therefore a lot of boating activity for tourists. This includes house boat, cruises and speed-boating.
image credit: houseboatsafaris.com


2. Wildlife: Elephants, Lions, Hyenas, Rhinos, Leopards, Cheetahs, Wild Dogs


The Matusadona National Park which is home to all (yes, all) of the animals you’d want to see in Zimbabwe, starts just east of Binga.  Let’s list some: black rhino, zebra, night ape, hippopotamus, spotted hyaena, wild cat, lion, leopard,  elephant, honey badger, civet, mongoose, dassie, warthog, vervet monkey, side-striped jackal, antelope, kudu, otter, crocodiles, eland, civet, bush pig, wild dog, cheetah,  pangolin. We could have gone on but you get the picture!
image: Black rhino at the lake shore in Matusadona National Park safaribookings.com


3. How Binga became

Tonga-homestead-on-the-way-The settlement that is now Binga resulted from the damming of the Zambezi River to create the Kariba Dam back in the 1950s. The Batonga people who had lived in the valley for centuries were forced to relocate to higher ground, the present day settlement of Binga. Binga is home to about 120,000 people!
image credit:  thevagabondadventures.com


4. From Binga, cross the Zambezi, and you’re in Zambia. 

canoe-zambeziUsing canoes, Binga residents frequently cross the Zambezi to go to Zambia to visit relatives.
image credit: Wikipedia


5. Lots of fishing

Little known yes, but living on the shores of the Zambezi River means in it is the main economic activity in Binga. The bream and tiger fish are relatively abundant. In the picture is group of women that own the fishing rig in the water.
Image credit: TMushakavanhu


6. Home to the hot springs


Binga is place that Zimbabwe’s popular Chibwatata Hot Springs are found. Located about five kilometres from Binga Centre, the springs are held sacred by the BaTonga people and are believed to bring good luck or rid misfortune. The water from the springs is also believed to have healing properties for skin diseases as well as other ailments. In addition to the Chibwatata Hot Springs there is also the Kabila Hot Springs in the Lubimbi area which have beeen rehabilitated into a communal natural pool.
image credit: zimtree.


Main picture credit: Binga Highschool Dance group,  ntengwe.org

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