6 Things To Do When Your Tyre Bursts Whilst Driving

tyre burst, blowoutImage Credit: www.bestonetire.com

The recent accident that took place near Kwekwe has been attributed to a tyre blowout leading to the loss of at least 30 lives and subsequently being declared a national disaster.

Quite honestly, most of us drivers are unaware of what to do in such an incident, as this kind of training does not go on at V.I.D. or your average driving school – you have to go for a ‘defensive driving course’ in order to learn these skills.

While you are preparing to go for that course, which can save your life, here 6 things you should do once your tyre bursts; remember though, it is always much easier to handle these types of incidents when you are going at a reasonable speed. They are as follow:

  1. DON’T PANIC in the event of a blowout, calm yourself down fast because your car will start misbehaving and you need to take charge.
  2. HOLD FIRMLY to your steering wheel with both hand, NO VIGOROUS TURNING, as you concentrate on the road and your mirrors, in seconds study the movement pattern of the car. Your car will naturally swerve to the direction of the burst tyre.
  3. Gradually TAKE OFF YOUR FOOT from the accelerator, DON’T EVER ATTEMPT TO PRESS THE BRAKES, IF YOU DO, YOU HAVE A 95% CHANCE OF A SOMERSAULT. The car will decelerate gradually while you concentrate on the road to avoid collision with any other road user.
  4. Disengage the gears of the car by shifting to neutral (N) as you still maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel and put your eyes on the road.
  5. After a while depending on your initial speed, your car comes to a speed less than 60km/h when it is now safe to GRADUALLY apply the brakes and navigate to the side of the road.
  6. Ultimately, it is now safe to put the car to a complete stop and turn off the engine. You have just saved yourself and passengers from an untimely death. Source: DuncanMighty

Main Image Credit: vigaroauto.blogspot.com