Here are the 6 best female Zimdancehall Online artists for 2016

The guys are Zimdancehall Online have come up with the list for the female Zimdancehall artists that rocked the airwaves and the playlists in phones ands Kombis in 2016.

It’s undeniable that this was a great year for some female artists like Kadjah, whose collaboration with Shinsoman was clearly one of the best songs of the year.

Queen Kadjah

Real name Tariro, Kadjah has also worked with other artists like Kinnah. Other songs she has done include Chinangwa,  March Out, Up like Di Sky (Tsvagai Mabasa Riddim),  Handisi kuvakwata,  Hondo Yakutanga, Vakutondigaira, Kuprezha, Ndibate ruoko, Combat (Empire Attack Riddim November 2016) and Seshiri.

Here are some pictures of her:

Queen-Kadjah-4.jpg  Queen Kadjah 11.jpg



Lindsay has done some interesting tracks including the cover of John Chibadura’s Zuva Rangu which is currently being played a lot around the country.


Lady Squanda

Love her or hate her, Squanda, has some amazing talent on the mic. Ofcourse that doesn’t make up for her mean character. She infamously abused a comedian this year when she forced the poor guy to lick her foot, all because he has dissed her in a comedy skit. But there you have it, she has amazing talent.


Bounty Lisa

Like Squanda, some controversy has courted Soul Jah Love’s wife, Bounty Lisa.l but unlike Squanda, she’s no villain. Her relationship problems with the Chibaba just seem to be spilling into the public  of course conveniently so to her better half. But again, mad talent she’s got and she deserves to be on this list of the best!



Silencer brought us the cover song of Jah Prayzah’s Eriza and did other brilliant songs such as Ndipe Rudo and Paper Love.


Vee Chang Chi

The Vachandiona  star certainly has the most unique name in Zimdancehall. She has great numbers to her name in 2016 like Muri Sei Sei, Unondirwadzisaand the fresh December track Tell Dem.  She worked hard this year and therefore deserves to be recognised.

Ninja Lipsy

Finally, there’s the gorgeous Ninja Kadzi, who made amazing tracks and videos like Ndiudze, Chauya Chingoma, Terera and Sunungurai Moyo Wenyu in 2016. She’s a force to reckon with having been in the Zimdancehall arena for a number of years now.



The list if not numbered which got us thinking they didn’t want to rate them in any particular order. However we do see an order of sorts! Some artists that we expected to see that didn’t make it include Daruler, Empress Massina, CC, Nina Grande, Juwela and X-Patriot. We hope they make it next year!

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