5 Of Zimbabwe’s Most Influential Politicians Since 1980

A lawyer and academic Alex Magaisa sat down and compiled a list of the 5 most influential Zimbabwean politicians. His thoughts are rather interesting and make for a great read.

What are your thoughts around who was the most influential? Who would you say shaped and moulded the Zimbabwean political scene?

Five (Tie): Margaret Dongo and Chenjerai Hunzvi

Hard to separate the as they had equal contributions to Zimbabwe‘s political landscape .

Margaret Dongo

Margaret DongoImage Via: MargaretDongo.com

Margaret Dongo was the first politician to challenge a ZANU PF election win, citing ‘vote-rigging’ and win. She went on to win the subsequent by-election. Her victory was pivotal not only because she was a woman, but also she fought the electoral system and won.

Chenjerai Hunzvi

Chenjerai HunzviImage Via: NehandaRadio.com

In 2000, Chenjerai ‘Hitler’ Hunzvi spearheaded the mass farm invasions of white-owned communal farms, starting the process for thousands of blacks to get back their land.

Four: Joshua Nkomo – Father Zimbabwe

Joshua NkomoImage Via: jncm.org.zw

Seen more as a unifier, Joshua Nkomo stood against adversity and oppression, even in an Independent Zimbabwe, taking the smaller end of the stick to end the massive killings that the Gukurahundi-era brought in the Matabeleland and Midlands areas. A Unity Accord was signed in 1987, joining ZANU and ZAPU.

Three: Professor Jonathan Moyo – the political scientist

Jonathan MoyoImage Via: VOAZimbabwe.com

As Information and Publicity Minister Jonathan Moyo brought laws that curtailed the freedom of expression, but can also be credited for encouraging local content production. Though in and out of the ruling party, his passion for what he does is uneasily matched, setting the firebrand politician as one of the most influential in the last 15 years.

Two: Morgan Tsvangirai – the man in opposition

Morgan TsvangiraiImage Via: Chronicle.co.zw

Leader of Zimbabwe’s biggest opposition party, Morgan Tsvangirai has a huge following, that enabled him to beat Robert Mugabe in an election in 2008. His political power also forced a Unity Government between 2009 – 2013.

One: Robert Mugabe – the long serving President

Robert MugabeImage Via: TheZimbabwean.co

Having led Zimbabwe’s Government for over 35 years, Robert Mugabe has been hailed as an African leader par excellence. However, his controversial brand of politics has seen him being labelled a tyrant by some.

To date, the land distribution stands of one of his most revolutionary programs, something no other African country has managed to do thus far.

(Main Image Credit: Newsday.co.zw)

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