4 Ways To Get More Stamps In The TM Pick n Pay Rich Rewards Promotion…

TM Pick n Pay Rich Rewards Promotion, stickers, stamps

TM Pick and Pay have launched their second ‘Rich Rewards Promotion‘, a loyalty programme that seeks to reward its customers with various types of stainless steel cutlery after having accumulated ‘stamps’.

This promotion was a hit with many, as it gave a bunch of quality knives after they acquired preset amounts of stamps when they bought goods for $5 or multiples thereof. This year’s promotion is no different.

From the lessons learnt in last year’s quest to fill our kitchen, here are 4 surefire ways to that will get you the stamps quickly and cheaply.

1. Promotional Products

Every 3 weeks the brands that are partnering with TM Pick n Pay will have products that they will not only sell at a reduced price but they will also give an extra sticker or two when you buy them. Make sure you are aware what products are on promotion at your time of buying (they usually have pamphlets at the entrance of the store).

2. 24hr Redemption

Make sure that you redeem your stickers whenever you make a purchase. In case you are in a rush and are unable to collect your stickers, do not have your receipt stamped endorsing that you have collected them. Rather, leave the store and come back when you have time (within 24 hours) and get your stickers at the store of purchase.

3. Consolidated Purchases

When you are going to the shop, check with friends and neighbours whether they want you to get them anything (when they give you the money of course), and join these purchases with theirs. Even better would be if your workplace buys items from the supermarkets, then it is just a matter of having them send you and you getting to keep the stickers.

4. Tuck Shops

This looks to be the fastest and easiest method to rake up those stamps/stickers. Approach your nearest tuckshop and ask them if there is anything that they want to buy in bulk and are willing to pay COD or after a short period if you have the funds to finance that). The products I can think of are bread and milk, they don’t buy that from the wholesalers and usually, their suppliers are just a little l(1-5c) cheaper but they make their money on volumes.

Buy the bread (I know Bakers Inn are 90c a loaf) in bulk and deliver them first thing in the morning, while collecting the stamps that TM Pick n Pay will give you. You deliver the bread and get your money back while having a number of stamps for doing the transaction.

Can you think of any other method to rake up the stamps quickly and cheaply? Do share in the comments below so that we can all shop and save.