27 ways the OK Grand Challenge has changed people’s lives…

As the 27th edition of the OK Grand Challenge draws near, we invested some time to check out how this event has affected people’s lives and the contribution it has made.



27. No fly by night event, having been here for the past 27 years

26. Offering tremendious savings to shoppers by giving great value discounts

25. Giving shoppers a wide range of goods to buy from. From hosehold, to electricals, and even furniture

24. More than 100 paticipating products from suppliers

23. Over 6 weeks of shopping madness allowing shoppers to get value for money over a long period

22. OK Zimbabwe has over 50 stores nationwide allowing shoppers to enjoy anywhere and everywhere

21. New branches have brought wider participation to customers scattered countrywide

20. The marketing hype of the Grand Challenge creates an annual revenue boost for the retail outlet

19. The OK Grand Challenge has helped the in the marketing of products through product based promotions



18. Through the Shop Easy Promotion, customers have won shopping vouchers of up to US$300 per month, for a whole year!!!!

17. Customers have been turned into instant millionaires courtesy of the jackpot prize money

16. The Grand Challenge has made more than 60 people instant home owners

15. Consolation prices allow people to win despite not being at the actual event

14. Lucky customers have had the opportunity of driving away in brand new cars courtesy of the promotion

Horse Racing


13. Correct prediction of the horse race has also seen people walk away as much as US$20 000 rich

12. OK has made peripheral sports in Zimbabwe like horse racing an annual event

11. The annual fete creates an enabling environment for aspiring jockeys

10. Since inception, the Borrowdale Race course has been the venue for the OK Grand Challenge

9. The horse race has proven to be an international event drawing jockeys from around the world

8. Creates employment for commentators, jockeys, trainers and security guards

7. So prominent is the event that it draws performances from top artists like Sulumani Chimbetu and Tocky Vibes

6. By partnering other companies, the Grand Challenge also promotes interest and sales in partnered brands

5. The Grand Challenge has over the years become a part of the local entertainment calender

4. At the Borrowdale Race Course, customers get to see their favourite artists live in action

3. In catering for the whole family, there are entertainment facilities for children at the race course

2. The event is also televised for the benefit of those that fail to attend



1. Through Woza Bhora, OK contributed to local football for close to half a decade

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