27 facts about the OK Grand Challenge that you need to know…

2015 marks the 27th anniversary of the annual shoppers promotion, and after a look into what has taken place throughout the years, we’ve managed to dig up facts about it all that you certainly need to know before the showdown on 6 June 2015.


OK Stores

OK First street, Harare 1942, OK Supermarket Image Credit: Harare City

27. The first branch/store that OK opened was at OK First Street Harare (then Salisbury) in 1942.

26. The second would open 10 years later in Bulawayo.

25. OK Zimbabwe started offering customer promotions early in Zimbabwe’s history. The predecessor to the OK Grand Challenge was an event called “The OK Lucky Numbers Game“.

24. The OK Lucky Numbers Game was run from 20 April to 4 June 1988. Customers were required to fill in their names and addresses as well as complete the slogan before dropping their coupons in a box (sound familiar?)

23. The first OK Grand Challenge commenced on 11 April 1989 and ran for a full 34 days.

First Grand Prize

Car-covered Image Credit: Lexus Owners Club

22. The GRAND prize for the first OK Grand Challenge was (wait for this), a brand new Mazda 323!

21. There was a total of ZW$300,000 given away in prizes that year. A price of the Sunday Mail in 1989 was ZW$0.21 (21 cents). Today it is worth US$1. You can do the math.

OK Grand Challenge horse race

OK Grand Challenge horse raceImage Credit: OK Grand Challenge Facebook page

20. The horse jockey with the most wins at the OK Grand Challenge horse race in its 27 year history is Dewi Williams who won in 2003, 2005 and 2010.

19. The horse trainer with the most wins at the OK Grand Challenge is Lisa Harris with a record five wins from training five different horses at five different events.

18. Stay Alert is the horse with the most wins at the OK Grand Challenge, recording two wins and four top three finishes.

17. The Forecaster Coupon has been in existence since day 1 of the competition along with other coupons such the Tote Bet, Price Discount Coupon and the Lucky Car Draw.

16. The OK Grand Challenge horse race has always taken place on a Saturday.

The OK Grand Challenge promotion

OK Grand Challenge winnersImage Credit: OK Grand Challenge Facebook page

15. The longest duration that the OK Grand Challenge ran for was 53 days (almost 3 months!!!). That was in 1997.

14. Colgate and Coca Cola are some of the very few brands that have been part of the OK Grand Challenge since its inception.

13. The biggest jackpot in the OK Grand Challenge was ZW$70 million in 2007. At the time, a 2 litre of Mazoe orange crush was going for around ZW$60 000.

12. However, the OK Grand Challenge horse races did go ahead in both 2008 and 2009.

11. The OK Grand Challenge of 2002 was the edition with the most coupons numbering a total of 12.

10. In 2011, OK Grand Challenge was named the most outstanding retail promotion campaign, awarded by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe.

9. The OK Grand Challenge has always been active on Africa Unity Day (25 May) every year.

8. The 1998 edition of the OK Grand Challenge horse race was the most attended, with a record crowd of over 80,000 people.

OK Woza Bhora Cup

OK Woza Bhora, OK Grand Challenge Soccer tournamentImage Credit: Soccer24

7. OK has hosted a soccer tournament dubbed the OK Grand Challenge Soccer Trophy. The first ball of that tournament was kicked in 2002.

6. The inaugural edition of the OK Grand Challenge Soccer Trophy had Amazulu Football Club as winners. They prevailed over Dynamos Football Club that year.

5. It would run for two years (2002 & 2003) and would later change name to OK Woza Bhora Cup.

4. Dynamos and Masvingo United were the respective winners of the 2004 and 2005 OK Woza Bhora tournaments.

3. Dynamos is the only club to have featured twice in the Woza Bhora Cup final

 Shop at OK, where everyone is a winner

OK Grand Challenge official logo 2015

2. OK Grand Challenge has had the same slogan since inception of the competition – “Shop at OK, where everyone is a winner”.

1. Millions of dollars have been given away in discounts over the 27 years of existence of the OK Grand Challenge promotion.

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