16 ZANU PF members booted out since Independence

Making the news recently, was the expulsion of Didymus Mutasa and his nephew Themba Mliswa from the ruling party in 2015 for a number of charges leveled against them.

They are not the first casualties  that have fallen by the wayside in the political arena in Zimbabwe.

Below is a list of those who have been expelled from ZANU PF dating back to Zimbabwe’s Independence (from most recent dating backwards):

16. Didymus Mutasa – 18 Feb 2015

didymus-mutasaImage Credit: Financial Gazette

Mutasa was the former Secretary of Administration for ZANU PF and was expelled on 18 February 2015 on charges of misconduct and bringing the party’s name into disrepute. He would not go down without a fight and he’d later take ZANU PF to court in March 2015 for the nullification of the 2014 6th Annual People’s Congress and the amendments made to the party constitution. See full profile.


15. Temba Mliswa – 18 Feb 2015

Themba Mliswa, Temba Mliswa, ZANU PF expelled

 Image Credit:  Lance Guma YouTube

Mliswa was expelled at the same time as his uncle, Didymus Mutasa, for pretty much the same allegations – misconduct and bringing the party’s name into disrepute. Days prior to his expulsion, Mliswa was brought before the courts for possession of firearms, a scenario a lot similar to what Joshua Nkomo endured in 1982 before his expulsion from government. See full profile


14. Rugare Gumbo – 3 Dec 2014

Rugare Gumbo, expelled ZANU PF member, takes ZANU PF to court

Image Credit: Financial Gazette

Gumbo, who was one of the founding members of ZANU PF in 1963 would be shown the exit door in December 2014. He was accused of being part of a faction led by Joice Mujuru that was plotting to unconstitutionally topple Robert Mugabe from power. See full profile


13. Jabulani Sibanda – 13 Nov 2014 &  2004

Jabulani-SibandaImage Credit: Chronicle.co.zw

Sibanda was expelled first booted out of the party in 2004 for having been involved in the Tsholothso declaration. He would later be re-admitted into the party in 2007. However, in December 2014 at the height of factionalism in the party Sibanda was accused of making statements which undermined the authority of the president. Among other issues raised by ZANU PF, Sibanda was also accused of being part of a faction that was accused of plotting to unseat Robert Mugabe from power. See full profile


12. Tracy Mutinhiri – 31 Aug 2011

Tracey Mutinhiri, ZANU PF expelled, MDC members, Vimbai Mutinhiri mother

Image Credit: TheStandard.co.zw

Mutinhiri was expelled from ZANU-PF in 2011. The charges raised by the ZANU-PF disciplinary body alleged that she had engaged in actions which were not in line with ZANU-PF’s constitution and its standing regulations under Article 3, Section 18 (1) of the party’s constitution. After her expulsion, Mutinhiri inevitably lost both her portfolios as Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare and legislator for Marondera East. She then joined the MDC-T a few weeks after her expulsion. See full profile


11. Simba Makoni – 12 Feb 2008

Simba-MakoniImage Credit: VOA

Makoni was expelled in February 2008 because of his decision to challenge party leader President Robert Mugabe in national elections which took place on March 2008. Makoni had formed his party Mavambo/Dawn/Kusile which contested in parliamentary and presidential elections that same year. He is currently still the President of Mavambo/Dawn/Kusile. See full profile


10. Phillip Chiyangwa – 20 Mar 2006

Phillip Chiyangwa, ZAPU expelled members, Zimbabwe's richest,

Image Credit: The Source

The self proclaimed ‘King of Selfies’ was expelled in March 2006. It was reported his expulsion was linked to allegations of espionage that were levelled against him in late 2004. He was previously arrested on allegations of selling the country’s top secrets to foreign governments. He was re-admitted into the party in 2011. See full profile


9. Jonathan Moyo – 1 Dec 2004


The party would first suspend Moyo in 2004 after the Tsholothso declaration and go on to expel him the next year when he would contest the Tsholotsho parliamentary seat as an independent. He was re-admitted into the party in 2009. He is the current Minister of Information and Publicity. See full profile


8. Kindness Paradza – 27 Jun 2004


Image Credit: Chronicle.co.zw

Paradza was expelled from in 2004. He faced a total of five counts of misconduct including giving interviews to hostile media and also seeking funds from the British government for his weekly Tribune newspaper which has since been banned. He was re-admitted in 2012. See full profile


7. Munyaradzi Kereke – 2013


Image Credit: The Independent

Kereke was expelled from ZANU-PF in 2013 for insubordination. Kereke had contested the 2013 elections for Bikita West constituency as an independent and won against Elias Musakwa of ZANU-PF. He was subsequently re-admitted into the party in December 2014. See full profile


6. Daniel Shumba – 2006

Daniel Shumba, Tele access, Solar Access, ZANU PF expelled members

Image Credit: Herald.co.zw

Shumba was one of the provincial party leaders who took part in the controversial Tsholotsho declaration of 2004. He was given a five year suspension. He was eventually expelled from the ZANU-PF after forming his own party the United People’s Party (UPP). He was re-admitted into the party in 2012. See full profile.


5. Goodwill Shiri – 2005

Shiri was once expelled from the party after he had lost in the party’s primaries in Mberengwa and went on to contest as an independent candidate in 2005. He was nonetheless readmitted into the party in 2012 but was made to rejoin the party as an ordinary card carrying member. See full profile


4. Dzikamai Mavhaire – 1998


Image Via: Zimbabweelection.com

Mavhaire was expelled in 1998 after his controversial speech in parliament dubbed “Mugabe must go”. He argued that Mugabe had stayed too long in power and this had compromised the democratic integrity of the country. He was re-admitted into the party and given a cabinet ministry after the July 2013 elections. In December 2014, Mavhaire was again suspended for being part of a faction led by former vice president Joice Mujuru that was planning to unconstitutionally topple Robert Mugabe from power. See full profile


3. Lawrence Mudehwe – 1995

Mudehwe was suspended from the party in 1995. He is said to have seriously opposed the imposition of John Mvundura to contest for a parliamentary seat without following the proper democratic process of a primary election. Mudehwe decided to run as a candidate and this resulted in ZANU-PF suspending him. See profile


2. Margret Dongo – 17 June 1995

Margaret_DongoImage Credit: MargaretDongo.com

Dongo was suspended from the party in 1995. This was after she had decided to contest the Harare East parliamentary seat as an independent candidate following alleged irregularities in the ZANU-PF primary elections. This resulted in a fall out with the party leadership. Her decision to contest as an independent resulted in her subsequent expulsion from the party. See full profile


1. Edgar Tekere – Oct 1987

Edgar-TekereImage Credit: Herald.co.zw

Tekere was suspended in October 1988. He was expelled because he became a critique of the one party state policy which was adopted at the signing of the Unity Accord in December 1988 between the Joshua Nkomo led Zimbabwe African People’s Union and Robert Mugabe‘s Zimbabwe African National Union which resulted in the birth of ZANU-PF. See full profile


Main image credit: The Source

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