13 Actors Flying Zimbabwe’s Flag High Internationally

Zimbabweans are a talented lot. From starring in The Walking Dead, NCIS Los Angeles, Blood Diamond, Game of Thrones (yes, you read right), The Young and the Restless to Supernatual, the list is endless! Zimbabweans are in those films. We bet you don’t know half the names on this list. And that’s ok. But from today onwards, let’s celebrate the Zimbabweans that are flying our flag high internationally!

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1. Danai Gurira

Image via: http://walkingdeadbr.com/personagens/michonne/

Known mostly for her role in the series The Walking Dead where she plays the character, Michonne, a Zombie slayer armed with a ‘katana‘ and harboring a mysterious past, Gurira is an actress and playwright. Her plays have won several awards in Zimbabwe. Gurira has been a champion of improving the film industry. Read Full Profile.
Image via: walkingdeadbr.com


2. Tongayi Chirisa


Tongayi, who started his career as a Detective in Zimbabwean soap called Studio 263. Later he landed a role in the South African top movie, Mr. Bones 2. His great talent saw him land roles in Hollywood where he has starred in NCIS  Los Angeles, Robinson Crusoe, and others films. Read Full Profile.
Image via moviespictures.org


3. Lucian Msamati

Lucian Msamati, Winna, Over the edge theatre

Hello GoT fans, you’ll love this one! Though not strictly Zimbabwean as he was not born here, Lucian Msamati, who has acted as ‘Salladhor Saan‘ in Game of Thrones, was brought up in Zimbabwe by his Tanzanian parents, a doctor and a nurse. Apart from his role in Game of Thrones, Msamati has also starred in The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency and The Legend of the Sky Kingdom. Read Full Profile.


4. Alois Moyo

Alois Moyo, Zimbabwean actors

Alois Moyo, who was born in Zimbabwe in 1966 is an actor known for The Power of One where he starred along such big names as Morgan Freeman. Moyo is based in Germany where he moved to in 2005. In Zimbabwe, Moyo was one of the founders of the first “black” theater group of “Amakhosi Township Square Cultural Center”. Most recently, Moyo has starred in German films Iron Sky (2012) and Rausch (2010). Read Full Profile.
Image Credit: aloismoyo.com



5. Kevin Mambo

Image Credit: broadwayworld.com

Though little known in Zimbabwe where he was born back in 1972, Kevin Mambo, has starred in top TV series such as Law & Order and Family Matters (1993 episode, “All the Wrong Moves”). He is however best known for his role in the serial Guiding Light in which he plays Marcus Williams, a role that won him two Daytime Emmys. He is known for starring in the Broadway production of the musical Fela!  Mambo played Chancellor in Danai Gurira’s 2012 play The Convert which won several awards. Read Full Profile.
Image Credit: broadwayworld.com


6. Leroy Gopal

Leeroy Gopal

Leroy Gopal, who landed his first role at age 7, in the TV Drama Series Paraffin, had his first big local appearance in the movie ‘Yellow Card‘, for which he’s best known in Zimbabwe. He has however become a much sought after actor in neighbouring South Africa where he’s starred in soaps such as Backstage, Home Affairs, One Way, Jozi H and Jacob’s Cross. In the US, he starred in the 2014 movie Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines and a minor role in 2013 TV Series Strike Back amoung others. Read Full Profile.
Image Credit: legends.co.za


7. Jane Benney


Best known for starring in Mr. Bones, Jane Benney, was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Apart from Mr. Bones, Benney had a role in the Hollywood movie All for MelissaRead Full Profile.
Image Credit: magweb.com


8. Paul Berenger

Image Credit: starnow.com.au

Now based in Australia, Paul Berenger was born in Zimbabwe in 1991. He was apparently forced to relocate to Australia under adverse circumstances. Berenger first started acting while in Australia but he has already starred in some top productions including Deadly Women and Cain Rose UpRead Full Profile.
Image Credit: starnow.com.au


9. Prudence Mabhena

image credit: https://mountainfilm.wordpress.com/category/the-domino-effect/

Songbird, Prudence Mabhena, is best known for being the subject of an Oscar award-winning documentary called “Music by Prudence” based on her life story. The film, which chronicles the vicissitudes of her life as a physically challenged and yet gifted child to adulthood, won in the Best Short Documentary Film for US film director, Roger Ross Williams and this took Mabhena to the Oscar Awards in Los Angeles, USA in March 2010. Read Full Profile.
Image credit: mountainfilm


10. Chipo Chung


Little know at home in Zimbabwe, Chipo Chung, is a prominent actor globally having featured in such productions as Fortitude, SherlockThe Politician’s Husband, Camelot, In The LoopDoctor Who and others. What she may be known for at home however is that she is the daughter of former Zanu-PF politician, Fay ChungRead Full Profile.
Image Credit: filmweb.pl


11. Adam Croasdell

Image Credit: http://www.snipview.com/q/Adam_Croasdell

As little known at home as the others on this list, Adam Croasdell was born (in 1980) and raised in Zimbabwe and later went to South Africa. His first professional job was in ‘Anthony and Cleopatra‘ at the prestigious National Theatre in London, where he shared the stage with Alan Rickman and Dame Helen Mirren. Croasdell has starred in the comedy series Hot in Cleveland, Supernatual, EastEnder, NCIS (& NCIS Los Angeles), and was the voice in the 2014 game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Read Full Profile.
Image Credit: snipview.com


12. Michael Chinyamurindi



If you have watched any of the following films; ER, Judging Amy, Angel, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, Congo, The X-Files, George of the Jungle and The Lost World: Jurassic Park, then you’re probably already watched Michael Chinyamurindi but just didn’t know you were watching a fellow Zimbo. It’s been said he is one of the least known Zimbabwean Hollywood stars in Zimbabwe and that’s no lie! Michael was born in Zimbabwe and has won several awards. He has said that he is happy to “continue raising Zimbabwe’s flag”. In addition to movies and TV series roles, Michael is also a regular voice-over for video games. Read Full Profile
Image Credit: movieclip


13. Benu Mabhena


Benu came on the spotlight with her role in the 2006 film Blood Diamonds in which, as Jassie Vandy, she was a refugee and the wife of Solomon Vandy portrayed by actor Djimon Hounsou. Benu also guest-starred in “Jazz Man” on the cutting edge web series “Night Walkers”, Princess in 2006 and Life on the Edge: A Global Crisis (2008) where she plays herself. She resides in Los Angeles. Benu has said that she wants to be a voice and a source of inspiration for a young generation of girls back home in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana. Read full profile.
Image Credit: moviepilot.de

Main Photo Credit: “A.D.” stars Babou Ceesay as John, Greta Scacchi as Mother Mary and Chipo Chung as Mary Magdalene. Photo: Joe Alblas/Lightworkers Media/NBC

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