12 Of The Best Adverts From The 1990s Zimbabweans Will Never Forget…

Growing up in the mid-1980s to the late 1990s was an exciting time for some of us. The innocence that life presented us, playing on the street and being bathed before it was dark was what chronicled our lives.

No TV before bathing, and that meant that you stood to miss out on shows such as Skippy, Voltron, The Funny CompanyRainbow and Button Moon (later Captain Planet).

But later in the evening, when mom and dad were home, settled and we would sit and watch what they were watching (wait, there wasn’t any option, especially since there was only one channel) there are certain moments that we will never forget. The adverts!

There are adverts that have become ingrained in our minds that will be with us until we die. Really sad that our kids and the generations that follow are now living in an ‘instant age’ where one easily skips and/or fast forwards past the adverts.

Here are 12 adverts that we’ve managed to pull up that will bring back pleasant memories of yesteryear…

1. Lunch Bar

The Scottish scene-set has Makhathini in a pole-throwing contest and seeing him throwing his log “miles away”. He then exclaims that “that’s nothing, watch this…” and sends someone you’ll never expect to go and collect it.


2. Chibuku

After spending a considerable amount of time trying to get to the local grocer, a smartly glad gentlemen gets to the bottle store and orders his favourite drink. Unfortunately, they’re out of stock… Watch what he does after.


3. Jade soap

A long journey through the dusty roads brings a tourist to a resort. Needing to take a bath and freshen up, she goes to buy some soap (why the lodge where she was staying didn’t provide, we don’t know. Maybe it would have made the advert null and void?) She gets to the store and orders, what to date has been the BIGGEST cake of soap I’ve ever seen… Must watch.


4. Protector Plus

Surely every guys nightmare is relived in this advert. Mostly screened in the early 2000s during the popular local soap Studio 263 not only did we feel embarrassed for the character in the video who goes on a condom buying mission, but it also brought the jitters in the living room at home when we watch it.


5. Olivine Cooking Oil

Olivine Industries were highly active on our TV sets and released a number of videos targeted at their customers. This one features popular Zimbabwe musician Oliver Mtukudzi who was one of the first local stars to endorse a brand.


6. Perfection soap

Another Olivine Industries production, the popular washing soap had two gorgeous ladies appear on our screens in a fast talking manner speaking in Shona about their washing burdens and the solutions available.


7. Sun Jam

After visiting a relative, a gentleman forgets his highly loved jam spread when jumping onto the bus. What his relative does to get him back the jam is just epic. True ubuntu spirit.


8. Buttercup Margarine

If you didn’t know the lyrics to this advert when growing up during this era, then you can safely say that you had a deprived childhood. Olivine Industries at it again, but this rowdy bunch have carved a special corner in my brain.


9. Ngwerengwere

Super refined roller meal could not have been brought to us any better than by the Rusike Brothers. One of the most liveliest adverts of its time, we’d forgive all those that want to admit that they “danced” to this short clip.


10. Romance soap

Finally, the reason as to how in the world my wife managed to scoop me! In the advert, a good looking lady does what EVERY woman of today dreams she’ll be able to do. You welcome…


11. Perfection soap

If Olivine were to get any prizes for creating lasting impressions for their brands then surely they would take the cup (and saucer and plate and… you get the idea). So no surprise that they make it again with this father who is trying to get the washing done but is continuously disrupted. What he does at the end is just legend!

12. Olivine Cooking Oil (part 2)

This has got to be the most memorable advert. The little girls laugh is just too sweet. And to find out later that that ‘little girl’ has grown to who we know as Ammara Brown is even more cute. Oliver Mtukudzi doesn’t disappoint either.

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