11 Of Zimbabwe’s Greatest Love Hits From the 90s

11. Ndochi

The song which chronicles attempts by family members to interfere with the relationship of a relative was at one point the sing along track at almost any function in Zimbabwe. Composed and sang by Papa Jose whose real name was Joseph Ndlovu, the song stands out as one of the best songs ever to be produced in Zimbabwe. It was also a prominent track on popular programmes such as Ezomgido

10. Mudiwa Wangu


Lyrics to this song were an anthem at some point in Zimbabwe. Accompanied by an equally good video, the song’s popularity was almost unrivaled. To date, the song remains one of the most outstanding love songs to have been produced in Zimbabwe. In deserved honour and tribute, MacDonald Chidavaenzi and company did their own rendition of the song which went on to become a chart topper on the then Radio Three, better now known as Power FM.

9. Ruva Rangu

Originally done by Pied Pipers, the song makes it to the list as one of the best love songs to have been
produced in the country. At its peak, the song Ruva Rangu was a signature tune for the band. Although singing about the common theme of love, the song had a captivating combination of both instruments and lyrics.

8. Zvachonyana

Originally done by the legendary Steve Makoni, Zvachonyana is a timeless hit which comments on issues around
faithfulness & honesty in relationships. The song gained prominence in the 90s for asking hard hitting questions on what people usually tell each other when in love only to betray their loved ones at the first opportunity. The song was also redone by Oliver Mtukudzi as well as Selmor Mtukudzi.

7. Murambinda

Arguably one of the most entertaining love song of all time, Paul Mpofu’s Murambinda remains a timeless classic
that explores how a friend tries to win over the wife of a friend by putting on fancy clothing and frequenting the friend’s house to propose. The husband of the wife then makes it clear that he will not tolerate anyone when it comes to his wife. The song was redone by Zimdancehall Artist Don Gaga.


6. True Love

A song by Illanga, a group comprising some of Zimbabwe’s finest artists such as Andy Brown, Don Gumbo and Busi Ncube, True Love remains a stand out track. The song made the group a household name and propelled them to international prominence. Illanga Band members all went on to launch successful solo careers


5. Mai vaDhikondo

The song Mai vaDhikondo was done by the Brass Band. In the song, a man laments the
errant behaviour of his wife who leaves their matrimony home and children to go and enjoy herself. Apart from the captivating lyrics of the song, the song also had a very good video which had some eye catching dance moves.


4. Character

Prince Tendai became a legend with the release of this song. So good was the song that it has remained relevant in
contemporary Zimbabwean society despite having been composed more than a decade ago. The song was done in english, and features a man declaring his love to a woman whose character he has fallen for.


3. Wangu Ndega

This was arguably Fortune Mparutsa‘s finest songs in his illustrious songs. While pouring out his heart about
the love of his life, he also make social commentary on the use of condoms which at the time was not an openly discussed issue in those day. He also warns people from engaging in extra marital affairs. Some commentators have even suggested that Muparutsa was one of the pioneers of urban grooves genre in Zimbabwe


2. You don’t love me anymore

This is one of many of Solomon Skuza‘s timeless hits.


1. Chitekete

Probably Leonard Dembo‘s crowning achievement, Chitekete was so popular that it was voted Zimbabwe’s best song of the silver Jubilee. It was also played at the Miss Universe/Miss World competitions which were held in Namibia in 1996.

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