11 Top Questions On STEM In Zimbabwe Answered…

Jonathan Moyo, STEM, Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education

Recently an announcement was made that Government will be sponsoring school fees for students who elect to do science subjects at their A’ Levels. Great development and we applaud the Government for seeing the need to embrace “the future” now and for taking steps towards getting our economy back on track through technology, albeit one step at a time.

There have been a number of questions asked in regards to the STEM program and though there is a website and a Facebook page most of the responding to date has been done by the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Science and Technology Development, Professor Jonathan Moyo, but we’ve managed to sift through his tweets and find the 15 most asked questions, together with answers and listed them below:

1. What does STEM mean/stand for?

2. Who qualifies for the STEM scholarship?

3. Can one do their A’ Levels with an E in Maths?

4. After A’ Levels, will Government support STEM students to go to local and/or international universities?

5. Why the focus on sciences and not other subjects?

6. What subjects at A’ Level are under STEM?

7. Are mission schools considered as public schools and are they participating in the STEM programme?

8. Who is sponsoring the STEM scholarships?

9. What happens after STEM students complete A’ Level? Will Government fund their university education?

10. What is Government doing to provide jobs for STEM qualified PHD graduates?

11. While providing free A’ Level STEM tuition is great, what is being done about attachment for university students?

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