11 facts about Zimbabwe’s PSL winners since 1980. You’ll love it!

We had a look at the list of winners of the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League since 1980, and some startling facts stood out for us.

You can go check out the list yourself, but here are 11 facts that we’ve managed to pull out from the list:

1. Dynamos

Dynamos, Dembare Zimbabwe PSL Champions

They have been the most successful club in Independent Zimbabwe. Out of a possible 34 titles they have won 17.
Image Via: Sports Zone

2. Highlanders

Highlanders, Bosso celebrate
Expectedly, Highlanders are the second most successful club post 1980, netting a total of 7 titles.
Image Via: The Zimbabwe Mail

3. The Big Three

Dynamos Vs Highlanders, Dembare Vs Bosso

Between Dynamos, Highlanders and CAPS the teams have won 26 titles all together.
Image Via: Herald

4. Four Consecutive Titles

Dynamos, Dembare Zimbabwe PSL Champions

From those 34 titles, Dynamos (twice) and Highlanders (once) have won 4 championships in a row!
Image Via: Afrinews Network

5. Four Titles, One coach

Callisto Pasuwa, Great Kali

However, Dynamos are the only team that have won 4 consecutive title, with the same coach.
Image Via: Sports Zone

6. Other Winners

Motor Action Football Club, Mighty Bulls

None of the other winners that make up the 34 championships have won more than once save for Black Rhinos (they won twice)
Image Via: New Zimbabwe

7. Names of Other Winners

Gunners Football Club

The other winners were Black Rhinos, Zimbabwe Saints, Black Aces, Amazulu, Monomotapa, Gunners and Motor Action
Image Via: New Zimbabwe

8. Relegation

Monomotapa Football Club players crying

ALL winners save for Dynamos, Highlanders and CAPS United have either been relegated or are now defunct.
Image Via: New Zimbabwe

9. Post 2011

Dynamos, Dembare, Celebrating Championship

Since 2011, the league has ONLY known Dynamos as its winner. Dynamos have won every title since then
Image Via: Sunday Mail

10. Callisto Pasuwa

Kallisto Pasuwa, Callisto Pasuwa, Great Kali

Callisto Pasuwa is the MOST SUCCESSFULL coach in Zimbabwe, arguably the world, to have won four league titles consecutively with the same team
Image Via: Newsday

11. 1998/99 Season

Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League logo, banner

This was the only season that was played over over-lapping years, as the PSL attempted to switch the season to match European leagues. The format was aborted due games not being able to be played during our rainy season.
Image Via: PSL website

You can check out the FULL list of Zimbabwe PSL winners since 1980.

Main Photo Credit: Sundaiy Mail

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