11 Disturbing Things Said When Mugabe Met the War Vets

After a communique renouncing President Mugabe’s leadership was sent out by the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) recently, a meeting between the president of Zimbabwe and the war veterans was organised. The meeting was attended by both vice presidents of the country, Phelekezela Mphoko and Emmerson Mnangagwa, the first lady Grace Mugabe, and several high profile Zanu-PF members.

Here’s a selection of some disturbing things said at the event:

Arrest rogue war veterans now. Kusunga munhu ndokupedza nyaya,” said a Mashonaland Central Zanu-PF member. Clearly, having a divergent view to that of supporters of Robert Mugabe is enough reason to have one arrested.

Our meeting is to show that the President will remain in power forever,” – George Mlala, Zanu-PF Bulawayo provincial secretary for security.

What was known as Tsholotsho was led by Cde Mnangagwa, this Lacoste is now led by Cde Mnangagwa..as you seat there you are now two Governments because some ministers are known to be supporters of Cde Mnangagwa” – Mandi Chimene, Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister and Makoni South member of parliament.

During the war we would punish some people by keeping them huge pits and we would give them their food in there. We only released them after the talks with the British that brought Independence. They lived in those pits like mice” – President Robert Mugabe, in apparent reference to the arrest of Gumbo, Machingura and others in 1978

We will now go sort out the war vets” – Joseph Chinotimba, Zanu-PF Buhera South member of parliament.



We don’t want to be divided, it’s our duty to denounce these things together so that the people have total confidence in us – President Robert Mugabe in apparent reference to Vice President Mnangagwa’s silence when accused of being leader of a secessionist faction in Zanu-PF.

We see the churches involve themselves in politics. We want to ask them if they have finished preaching the bible. We ask them to leave politics to us because we’ve been doing this for a long time. How can you want a government that never went to war?– Robert Mugabe in apparent reference to Emmanuel Makandiwa’s prediction of more unrest to happen in Zimbabwe.

These other parties, when they protest aggressively, the police should lock them up so they have a taste of the prison meals. – Robert Mugabe.

I want to warn ana Mawarire ivava nevamwewo…I want to warn them strongly Zanu will not tolerate any nonsense any nonsense that is done in the name of religion so keep to your religious side, once you begin top get involved with our politics you are courting real trouble, we know how to deal with our enemies who have been trying all along to effect regime change.” – Robert Mugabe.

The embassies foreign embassies in the country that are interfering with our politics intervening although they are doing it privately, clandestinely I want to warn them to desist from it, the rules that govern them don’t allow theme to involve in our politics, to subvert our systems of governance to do things that amount to subverting the present government and its authority please stop it” – Robert Mugabe.

Robert Mugabe is still going strong…so this is me and my people will have me for some time, a long time and those from outside that don’t like me I say I don’t care, I don’t mind but please don’t interfere with us, we are a free people” – Robert Mugabe.

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