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Twitter may be something new to a number of people who are mostly familar with the ever popular social networking website Facebook. Econet, the mobile network, has made numerous attempts to get more ‘twimbos‘ (that’s what Zimbabweans on Twitter refer to themselves as) online and enjoy the benefits of interacting with each other free of charge.

But after you join the social network, what good is it if you are not able to get value/useful stuff from the platform?

One of the ways to get over this hurdle is to ‘follow’ profiles of individuals and corporates alike. What are the profiles to follow when wanting to keep up to date with the goings on in Zimbabwe?

The response to that is relative, different strokes for different folks.

There are a number of profiles that tweet and tweet and tweet and (you get the message), but not once do they take a change to reply or engage with their followers. Then there are those that will like and retweet everything that they are tagged in, kinda to show the person who tagged them that they acknowledged their message.

A ‘valuable/noteworthy’ profile to follow is one that will not only give you interesting content but also that will engage with you in a conversation when need be.

However, here are 10 profiles that everyone in Zimbabwe who uses Twitter should follow:

1. Professor Jonathan Moyo

Zimbabwe’s current Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Professor Jonathan Moyo has won over Twitter followers in Zimbabwe. Though not always giving a response befitting of a Minister, you can be sure that you will gain high value from following what he tweets about almost every day. See Pindula profile.

2. Open Parliament Zimbabwe

A project being spearheaded by Kalabash Media, an online “culture magazine”, to cover the goings on at Zimbabwe’s Parliament, this team of bloggers live tweet most of the times when there is a session in Parliament.

3. Alex Magaisa

A lawyer and academic, Magaisa not only runs a political analysis blog, but he is highly active on this tweet account engaging in thoughtful debate. See Pindula profile.

4. Ranga Mberi

Journalist, communications manager and blogger Ranga Mberi shares his personal views on various topics in and around Zimbabwe. One of the pioneers of ‘twimbos’, he has an acute knowledge of Zimbabwean history and the arts. See Pindula profile.

5. Sir Nige

Social commentator Nigel Mugamu, who is also founder and CEO of 263Chat, has been encouraging social conversation through social media for almost 7 years (that’s a lifetime in Zimbabwean “internet years”). He tweets and shares his thoughts but most interesting about him is his desire to know what others think about certain topics. See Pindula profile.

6. Chris Charamba

Reporter and blogger Chrisposure gives his take on a number of issues affecting us all and with over 98,000 tweets since 2012 you’ll definitely find nuggets of information in his tweets and discussions.

7. David Coltart

The former Minister of Education, who is not only a politician but lawyer too gives a balanced perspective of current affairs. He often times tweets from a point of knowing, and when he is not knowledgeable on the subject he admits it. See Pindula profile.

8. Cynic Harare

Cynic Harare is a anonymous, faceless character on Twitter who gives a dose of local satire, ever on point with “his” tweets at not just politics, but gospelprenuers too. Though “he” may not tweet daily, when he does you’re sure to LOL, literally.

9. Curate Zimbabwe

‘A different point of view every week’, CurateZim is a rotationally handled account, where a new person gets to manage the account for a week and coordinates the discussions based on their personal views. It’s awesome to get a different perspective from the same account, albeit after a week, but you also get to discover new and interesting people whom you could follow after that week.

10. Your Mobile Network

If you are a subscriber for either of the two mobile networks you will be pleased to know that they offer help and support on their Twitter profiles. However, NetOne is a different kettle of fish, where they just tweet about themselves day in and day out. If this interests you, feel free to follow them.

Have you been on Twitter for a while? Who would you have added to this list?

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