You Probably Don’t Know This, But Zimbabwe Is Rated One Of The Best In The World On This One Thing…

In 2011, an international survey was conducted to establish a number of factors that contributed to the “quality of life”. Out of that survey, Zimbabwe, with a score of 100%, was ranked as the number one nation, together with Malta, as having the best climate in the world.

5 years later, and a look at the same index that established Zimbabwe as a top destination for a beautiful climate, rates Zimbabwe at a very credible 91.03, bettered by only a few countries (Argentina the best rated sits at 91.70).

Further inspection of the grades that each country is given on climate, you will find that Zimbabwe rates better than Australia (75.93), United Kingdom (80.83) and United States (67.57). Though the country has other issues, the tropical weather that the country enjoys plays well for a number of holiday experiences that visitors can enjoy.

Here are a few photos that show Zimbabwe in its beauty and why you should consider making a trip there soon:

cloudy sky, African sky, Zimbabwe

Sun shinning on tree, African sky, Zimbabwe

sun shinning on tree, dusk, African sky, Zimbabwe

lightening, African sky, Zimbabwe

Jacaranda tree, African sky, Zimbabwe

NetOne buidling, Dusk, African sky, Zimbabwe

All Images Used With Permission: Taipei Photography

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