Government Announces Civil Servants Bonus Pay Dates…

Zimbabwe-governmentThe Zimbabwe Government that has for a while tinkered on pay dates for civil servants’ bonuses has finally announced when Government workers will be getting their 13th cheque. Spanning from February to as far as May Treasury has been forced to stagger payments as there are no funds to do it any sooner.

The pay dates are as follows (note: exact pay dates to be advised):

  • February – Defence forces (Zimbabwe National Army, Air Force of Zimbabwe)
  • March – Zimbabwe Republic Police, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services and the Health sector
  • April – Education
  • May – Rest of the civil service and grant-aided institutions


The Minister of Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa went on to state:

For the benefit of the public and other relevant stakeholders, I wish to advise that Government remains committed to honouring its 2015 bonus obligations to its employees. As you are already aware, Government is currently experiencing cash flow constraints, which makes it untenable to effect a bullet payment. To allow room to mobilise the required resources, Government will be staggering the payment of bonuses for public servants beginning this month and until May 2016.”

Anxious civil servants had previously threatened to go on strike after not only not receiving bonuses for last year but also due to late payment of their December salaries, which Government stretched to early this year.

Noticing the cash flow challenges Government was facing in April last year, Minister Chinamasa tried to suspend civil servants bonuses as a means to bring relief to Treasury, but the President, Robert Mugabe, was quick to over turn his announcement.

Faced with a monthly wage bill that chews over 83% of revenue, Government has tried to impliment a raft of measure to reign in the pressure but also to try and lure IMF and World Bank support.

A number of people have spoken out about how ill advised it is to pay bonuses when Government is faced with such challenges, while civil servants have demanded it, stating that they were not consulted in the decision to scrap them.

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