7 Awesome Tips On How To Spend Less Money In Zimbabwe…

Things are not the way that they used to be. 2012 and 2013 were excellent years in comparison to the last two years. Money is no longer flowing the way it used to. Prices of goods may be coming down but even then, the money to purchase the goods is just not there.

So what is one to do? How exactly can one live and spend less whilst still being in Zimbabwe? It’s no walk in the park, but it is possible and should you be disciplined enough you can chop a huge chunk off your expenses and get saving for a brighter day.

Here are saving methods, that were crowd-sourced from a number of friends, as to how to spend less in Zimbabwe in 2016:

1. Buy In Bulk

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There is value in numbers and often the more you buy the cheaper it becomes. This is true when you visit wholesalers in town, that sell at prices that are way less than what you could get it at your ordinary supermarket or tuckshop.

When you go buy in bulk, it forces you to do something – create a list and budget. There is no way you will go to a wholesaler and buy 3 boxes of lunch bars spontaneously, it’ll be a conscious decision. However, when we are in the queue ready to pay at the supermarket, many times we just reach over and grab a chocolate or two to satisfy that inner urge.

If your budget does not allow you to buy 10 packets of sugar, why not band together with workmates, friends or relatives and split the cost. This is what a grocery club is about. Join one or create it if there are enough people in your circle of friends. Alternatively, buying in bulk will cause you to skip a month or two of needing to shop again as the quantities you get will stretch for a longer period.

2. Shop With A List

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One of the greatest drawbacks that anyone going shopping has is going there without knowing what exactly they ae going to buy. This causes one to purchase things that are not needed or even to forget necessary items due to oversight. As such, it is highly recommended to visit the shop with a list of what it is that is needed as well as maximum prices that you will be willing to pay.

3. Lose Your Wallet

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This has got to be what I think the best advice that I learned from a friend. As most of the time your money is carried in your purse and/or wallet, this tip is simply implying that you must leave your money at home. You can’t spend what you don’t have.

Essentially, only carry the amount that you need for that day, nothing more, nothing less. Transport, food (you should actually bring your own food from home as it can save up to $3 per day) and a ‘little’ for incidentals. But basically, leave home only with the money you intend to use. Moving around with hundreds of dollars in your pocket will surely lead to you finding a use for it.

4. Grow Your Own

vegetables, muriwo

When you go to the wholesaler there are items that you are not able to buy for the whole month like perishables. These are normally vegetables that you will need to cook each day. Space in your yard allowing why not set out to grow your own things like onions, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, muriwo, etc. Think of how many time you make a trip either to the musika or the shops to restock on such items and calculate the amount you’ll save by growing your own.

Oh, Zimbabwe has one of the best climates in the world for such.

5. Save On Airtime

african man on mobile phone

A huge area where there is an unnecessary leakage of funds in the home is through one’s mobile phone. There are a number of ways to cut your bill down in this area, and I’d suggest that you acquaint yourself with these tips that we shared some time back, most if not all, are still relevant.

6. Mzansi For Sure

South African flagImage Via: www.rugby365.com

The weakening of the South African Rand has made buying from Mzansi a wise decision as your dollar will get you more that side. If you have a friend or relative, that can buy you stuff and put it on a bus that would be great. Here’s how you can get them the money and here’s an alternative method of how you can buy from South Africa using an agent that is based that side.

7. Look East Policy

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Finally, if you are looking to buy items that have a large value here, mostly non-food stuffs, you can get it dirt cheap from China. Looking to buy a laptop – China, a host of accessories for your cellphone – China. You could even buy clothes, kitchen stuff or even parts for your car. There is no need to physically go there, as the way technology has advanced you can do it all from your computer or mobile phone.

Here’s how to go about it and if you’re enterprising enough you can do this on behalf of your family and friends and make money out of it!

What are your saving tips that you are currently using to make your dollar last a little longer? Tell us in the comments below so that we all can learn and make this road a bit more bearable to travel.

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