13 Facts About 13 Zimdancehall Artists That You Probably Didn’t Know…

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Zimdancehall has taken over the local airwaves for the last couple of years now and has kinda matured into a business of its own. A number of artists are now making a living from chanting, with the industry growing by and large over this period.

However, when an artist hits the limelight, becoming a hit on the scene, sometimes the excitement around them and their music over shadows who they were before taking up the mic. We’ve compiled this list of facts that shows you the diversity of the origins and background of Zimdancehall artists:

1. Shinosman

Tinashe Romeo Anthony was once a junior football player at Dynamos Football Club. See full profile here.

2. Tocky Vibes

Obey Makamure took to being a herd boy in Rusape in order to make ends meet. See full profile here.

3.Winky D

Wallace Chirumiko first performed as a DJ and attended a number of clashes.  It was from these shows where he earned the name ‘Wicked Deejay’ which was later shortened to ‘Winky D‘. See full profile here.

4. Soul Jah Love

Soul Musaka was born as a twin, his twin brother’s name being John. Sadly his brother passed away when he was younger. See full profile here.

5. Mdara Chasi

Fortune Chasi is a lawyer, politician, businessman and Zimdancehall artists. Strikingly he is former Member of Parliament (Mazowe South) as well as former Deputy Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs. See full profile here.

6. Guspy Warrior

Emmanuel Manyeruke is the youngest boy in a family of seven (four boys and three girls) and is son to renowned gospel musician Mechanic Manyeruke. See full profile here.

7. Bounty Lisa

Lynette Lisa Musenyi says that she listened to music from Jamaican Reggae artist Bounty Killer and this inspired her stage name ‘Bounty Lisa‘. See full profile here.

8. Ras Pompy

At just 13 years of age, Nyasha Reginald Mano was sustaining his family, making no less than $1000 per month through his performances. See full profile here.

9. Killer T

Kelvin Kusikwenyu got his stage name from his brother who always referred to him as a “killer” of dancehall lyrics, and T short for Temptation, the name of a young brother he used to sing with. See full profile here.

10. Lady Squanda

Sandra Muchaneta Gazi was raised by her grandmother in Chitungwiza after her mother passed away when she was 5 years old. She only got to know her father when she was 23 years of age. See full profile here.

11. Daruler

After finishing her Ordinary Level, Dorothy Karengo began to pursue music with Sunshine Studios where she met Lady Squanda and was requested to do backing vocals. She was eventually introduced to Freeman who gave her advice and mentorship. See full profile here.

12. Seh Calaz

Tawanda Mumanyi was once a part of the Christ Embassy Church choir. See full profile here.

13. Empress Shelly

Shalvin Kundai Chakwada reads a lot of Shona novels to ensure that her lyrics have deeper meaning for her fans. See full profile here.

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